32nd World Conference
International Society for Music Education
Glasgow, UK 24-29 July

Monday Concerts

1200 - 1230 Strathclyde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Tower Singers, United States
Tower Singers is a co-ed mixed choir from The Masters School, a premiere day and boarding high school 20 miles north of New York City. This advanced choral groupsings classical and contemporary repertoire in a variety of languages and is one of three academic choirs and nine academic ensembles. The ensemble’s curriculum, which focuses on individual and group musicianship and vocal technique, is used as a tool for forging connections with other people at a time in life when students are navigating the process of defining self. Students are exposed to advanced sightreading, musical literacy, and vocal techniques as discrete subjects as well as in context. Rehearsals also address positive psychology, mindfulness, and group dynamics.

1240 - 1310 Strathclyde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Dobbs 16, United States
Dobbs 16 is a Co-ed contemporary a cappella ensemble from The Masters School, a private day and boarding high school in Westchester County, NY. This advanced choral group sings popular music in 6 to 8 parts and is one of three academic choirs and one of nine academic music ensembles at Masters. The ensemble’s curriculum focuses on individual and group musicianship and vocal technique as vehicles for expanding human connections, interpersonal understanding, and self-knowledge. The group exemplifies the joy and connectivity that singing together creates; when not rehearsing and performing together, they are typically still found singing together!

1200 - 1230 Stevenson Concert Hall, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Oakton Six Piano Ensemble, United States
The Oakton Six Piano Ensemble, conducted by Glenna Sprague, Professor/ Coordinator of Music at Oakton Community College, is comprised of adult students, selected through a rigorous audition process at the college. Performing with a conductor, the rich, layered sound of the Ensemble is comparable to an orchestra, with each member playing a different part of the composition as the melody transfers from pianist to pianist. They perform classical, ragtime and popular repertoire arranged for six pianos. The Ensemble has performed both internationally and throughout the United States. Critics hail the Ensemble as “extraordinary”, “unique”, “musical”, technically superb”, and “innovative”.

1940 - 2010 Stevenson Concert Hall, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Howling Wolves, England, UK
The Howling Wolves (aka the University of Wolverhampton Semi-Chorus) is an undergraduate ensemble that performs an eclectic programme of music reflecting the particular likes and tastes of its members, including classical, pop, church, gospel and contemporary music. The ensemble performs regularly in the West Midlands for university and community functions and it is currently recording tracks for an OUP Voiceworks publication.The Howling Wolves have featured in two previous ISME conferences in Malaysia (2006) and China (2010).

2020 - 2050 Stevenson Concert Hall, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Canticum Choir, South Korea
The word “Canticum” means “Song of Joy” in Latin. The Canticum Choir, founded in 1996, has been playing various church music from traditional mass to Negro spirituals. The Canticum Choir, based in Seoul, South Korea, has been sincerely studying church music, and always trying to become a valuable stepping stone for Korean Christian culture by offering inspirational music through challenging repertoires and proactive concerts. We play major works and academical works (ex. Missa, Oratorio & Anthem) beyond genre and generation.

1200 - 1230 AGOS Studio, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Tettix Music Group, Greece
In order for our students to acquire experiences as music creators as well as performers we have chosen to work on the opera genre as it brings together all the elements for a wider musical exercise. Students of different ages and levels of study can participate without being classified by their skills and talent.

They are fully responsible for the realization of each play: they compose melodies and lyrics (libretto), harmonize, sing (choir, arias and recitativo) and present their play on stage both as musicians and as performers, thus approaching all different areas of music involved:skill development (psychomotor), cognitive (knowledge acquisition) and, last but not least, emotional (enjoyment of music and sensitivity). Tettix was created, is directed and taught by the music educator and music instructor Teti Aivatzidou at Rizopoulou Concervatory. Up to now, Tettix have presented three opera performances: The Princess Diskoloula, Stonesoup, and The Little Prince. The performance is held under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.
Tettix means cicada in Greek.

1200 - 1230 Ledger Recital Room, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Bordin & Cominassi Piano Duo, United States
Bordin & Cominassi Piano Duo was born as a synergy between professor and student,
being part of the tradition which believes public performance as the main deed of the whole music learning course.

The interest for duo’s literature during musical studies pursued both the purpose of practically pointing to the organisation of the related repertoire and the purpose of providing stress management’s techniques, respecting high performing standards. Anna Maria Bordin is Professor of Piano in the Music Conservatory of Genoa and Head of the Research Department.
Enrico Cominassi is Piano teacher and accompanist in the Music Conservatory of Pavia.


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